Any physician could choose to spend every waking hour managing their social media presence. In fact, anyone for any reason could choose to spend every waking hour. The time commitment can be vast and extremely undervalued in an era where it seems everyone has a Facebook page so it must be easy, right?
Most of us know how to change the oil on our cars. If you don’t know, it involves turning a bolt under the car and watching the oil come out then tightening the bolt and adding clean oil. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we should all commit to spending an hour finding supplies, raising the car, changing the oil, cleaning up the spilled oil, and making sure we did it all correctly when we could run through a quick-lube shop in 15 minutes for slightly more than the cost of the oil alone. Some basic actions need to be taken for a physician to address the important task of managing their online presence and the link below provides a great overview.
One point to highlight is that success doesn’t always mean more patients. Even in competitive markets, some physicians have too many patients. We’ve only begun to measure and rank what defines success and must recognize that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Essentially, while Doctor A may rightly measure in added patient volume, Dr. B seeks only to established as a thought-leader in neuropathic conditions, and Doctor C seeks only to disseminate information that is more trusted than Dr. Google. How will you be joining the discussion?