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Through helping medical professionals capture revenue and government incentives with well planned EHR systems, we strive to brng you the latest information pertaining to EHR payments. ACO payment guidelines are being updated such that EHR implementation will no longer be a condition of ACO payments. However, it is important to note that EHR remains as the highest rated quality measure for quality-scoring thus adding to the urgency of choosing an EHR system with a company that will simplify meeting the meaningful use requirements, partner with you with ongoing training and support, and help you capture government incentives before the next deadline hits and payments fall. For more info, contact us today!


For years Physicians and other medical professionals have been watching their incomes drop while patient loads rise. The new economy is driving the time each patient receives down along with the personal attention that a Physician may offer in order to stay in business. Doctor…. We Hear You! Captive Medical Solutions is here to help. Please take some time to explore our site. Contact us with questions and we’ll be happy to offer free consultation so that you will gain more revenue, stop losing revenue, and be prepared for new revenue opportunities on the horizon. We believe that by helping your practice enhance profitability, you will gain more freedom to run your practice your way.

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