It’s okay to update your style every 3-10 years. Why? I love this shirt! Too bad. We’ve all seen at least a clip of one of those makeover shows where someone loses 100 lbs and gets new teeth and a new wardrobe. Those clothes aren’t provided just because the fat clothes would look ridiculous and even foolish.

Attire and updated style provides a new look that affirms that you’re no longer clutching the glory days of years gone by. Your life is exciting and full of youth and energy that is within your grasp at any age. This doesn’t imply that a female physician needs to adopt a mini-skirt like the high school girls are wearing but you can certainly ditch the shoulder pads, cant you?

For Physicians, an updated style may also help you connect better with your patients. People we relate to are people we talk to. People we talk to are people we find common ground with and that leads to trusting dialogue, respect, and confidence in each other. You do want patients to trust you, right? First understand that it may be hard for a 30 something patient to relate to a doctor with a giant collar and bell-bottom jeans. Similarly, an elderly woman may not relate to a young doctor with a visible snake tattoo on his arm. It’s also important to realize that what goes in New York may not relate to citizens of Arizona. I’ll never forget a tale I heard once of a drug rep who brought a sales trainer from NY to visit a physician in Arizona. The trainer insisted that the rep where his suit jacket in to the office to present a professional appearance. As soon as they entered the office, the doctor kicked them out because they looked like fools and he would engage in no clinical discussion with men that would wear a suit jacket when it was 105 degrees outside!

How do you know if it is time to update your style? Do you really need to? For those questions, there are simple solutions. First, ask someone you trust that will be blunt enough to tell you the truth. Second, get multiple perspectives like a non-commissioned salesperson at a store, someone of the opposite sex, someone that is different from you that you like but may not engage with much. A last (though maybe it should be first) option is to hire a professional. There are style coaches in every city and you can even find one online. Their emergence and volume seems to have swelled in the economic downturn as everyone fights for any competitive advantage in the job market.

So if this strikes a chord with you, I hope it has helped you to stop, reflect, maybe even think outside the box and make a change for the positive. Do you know someone that needs to consider a style update? Please share, tweet, and post this. We’ve even added easy social sharing buttons below like we do for our customers when we update their online image!